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Amy John Advisory

Amy John Advisory provides executive-level, project-based consulting and retained search services for institutions and educators working in the Baltimore region. Our purpose is to help you navigate emerging challenges and to build exceptional executive teams that will move your mission forward and create lasting impact for your organization.

The Amy John Advisory experience is built upon a true collaborative partnership in which your success and core values are the focus of the engagement.

She is a visionary.
She can come in and assess a situation and see the pieces that need to be fixed or enhanced. She is a big idea person. If you spend time with her you can get caught in her energy. She inspires.

Jessica Suriano

Executive Director, B.E.S.T.

Amy is very talented at coaching and helping me land my dream job! I received mentoring from Amy during a pivotal turning point in my career and credit her assistance for helping me make my career aspirations possible. She asks the right questions to help narrow down what your key talents are and gives you the right language to relay them during an interview and in writing. I would recommend her to anyone in need of coaching and/or mentoring.

Mae Tunney

Placement Specialist, MSW - University of Southern California




Project management and process development for strategic, organizational initiatives.

Career Development

Working with young professionals to help to them on their career path and achieve their goals.

Individual Consulting

Working one on one with individual clients on their resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Insight and guidance from leading professionals in institutional administration.

Collective Consulting

Multi-disciplinary approaches executed by professionals with complementary skill sets.

Resume Development

Assisting applicants in optimizing their resumes to resonate with potential employers.

Career Transition Consulting

Providing guidance to established professionals through career transitions.

Retained Search

Balancing qualifications with culture to match candidates to opportunities where alignment creates synergy.



Retained Searches

Are you a candidate for employment looking for the right fit? Explore our current opportunities and see if we have a match for you.



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